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2014 Chroma, commissioned by University College Dublin for the New Science Building, UCD, Dublin.

2012 Atoms & Apples, sculpture commission for Trinity College Dublin to
commemorate the life and work of ETS Walton who jointly received the Nobel
for splitting the atom with Sir John Cockcroft in 1951.

2010 Vortex for a private garden in Kensington in collaboration with Andrew Ewing and Luciano Juibelli.    

2008 Biomorphia 1-8, commissioned by the Cass Foundation to make 8 large
sculptures exploring the formal possibilities of composite technology.

2005 Reedpod, a 13.3 metre sculpture in stainless steel and copper for Lapps Quay, Cork, Ireland.

2004 Everchanging, a polished stainless steel sculpture for Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

2003 Appetites of Gravity, a bronze sculpture for Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland.

2003 The Square Inside, a sculpture in clear cast resin for Naas General Hospital, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

2002 Flagpole, a street furniture project with JC Decaux, Paris, France.

2002 Under and Over 1&2, two bronzes for HQ4 Building, Canary Wharf, London, England.

2001 Under & Over 4, a bronze sculpture for Lismore Castle, Ireland

2001 Unfold, bronze sculpture for Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex. England.

2001 Unfurl, commissioned by Kensington Borough Council for Kensington Gate, London

2001 Shear, a stainless steel sculpture for Bevois Valley, commissioned by Southampton City Council, England.

1999  Carapace, a large outdoor sculpture in stainless steel and woven stainless steel cable, for Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex, England.

1999 More Equal, bronze, commissioned by Rohan Holdings, Grand Canal Plaza, Dublin, Ireland.

1999 Pero Foot Bridge, designed in collaboration with Ove Arup Engineers at St. Augustine's Reach, Bristol for Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

1998 Helix, a large outdoor wall sculpture in woven stainless steel cable, commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society Projects, sited at 1 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, England.

1998  Tower of Light, a large outdoor sculpture in stainless steel, glass and fibre optics for Wolverhampton Borough Council, Hare Street Roundabout, Bilston, England.

1998 Vowel of Earth Dreaming its Root - A large outdoor sculpture in Kilkenny limestone London Docklands Development Corporation, Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, London, England

1997 Degrees of Transparency, a series of indoor sculptures in cast glass and resin for Scottish Equitable, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1996 Longtheways, a large outdoor sculpture in cast resin, for Vistakon, Limerick, Ireland.

1995 Pavillion and Footbridge, designed in collaboration with Tom de Paor, for Centro, Four Oaks, West Midlands, England. (unrealized)

1995 Nyama a series of ten sculptures in various metals for Hammerson Properties, both in the courtyard and the lobby of 99 Bishopsgate, London

1994 Out of Bounds, an outdoor sculpture in bronze for the Office of Public Works, The Central Statistics Office, Cork

1994 Space Emptied Out, Three sculptures in various metals for Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex, England.

1993 Zuni-Zenor, bronze wall sculpture in bronze, The Contemporary Art Society for Broadgate Properties, 10 Fleet Place, London, England.

1993 Aversvika Cultural Landscape Project, installation for the 1994 Winter Olympics,Hamar, Norway

1992 Secret Station, bronze, stainless steel, fibre-optics and steam for The Gateway, Cardiff Docks, Wales.

1992 Cissa, bronze sculpture, Chisbury Manor, Marlborough, England

1992 The Space Between, bronze and fibre optics for Milton Keynes Development Corporation, Exchange Square, Milton Keynes.

1988 The Great Wall of Kinsale, Corten steel and teak for the Irish Arts Council at Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland.

1987 Under the Mountain, painted steel, Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1982 The Wind Column, temporary sculpture, marble steel and marble chippings, commemorating the landing of Amelia Earhart, for Derry City Council, Northern Ireland

1979 Untitled, sculpture in painted steel for Brown Boveri (Ireland) Limited, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland



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